Mr robinson beer

MR Robinson – Amber Rye Ale


Blood Red Amber Ale, Malty, Spicy, Hoppy brewed with Pacific Jade, Citra, Cascade, Motueka and Rakau Hops

5 Malts and 5 different Hops go into our Amber Rye Ale. Its a malty hoppy affair with a touch of spiciness from the Rye used.

Style – Amber Rye Ale

ABV – 5.8%

IBU’s – 53

Flavour – Malty, Hoppy, fruity and Spicy

Hops – Pacific Jade, Citra, Cascade, Motueka and Rakau

Beer Lifetime – Hoppy beers should be enjoyed fresh, best to drink within 90 days.

Unfiltered Fresh beer.